The final piece for my personal graphics exhibition ("Antropomecanica", 1-10 August 2009, Galeriile Cupola Iasi, Romania). This is a (re)collection of memories that defined and shaped the first 23 years of my life, presented in a conceptual, railroad-oriented motif that was the central theme of the exhibition.

Fun fact about this one: it was supposed to be the very last piece for the aforementioned exhibition, something I had been working towards for more than 2 years. Because of the painstakingly slow technique I was using, each piece of artwork took me a very long time to complete (around 1 month), so I had to plan each one very carefully in advance, in order to be able to complete all of them before the deadline. Well... let's just say that by the time I started working on "23", I was already behind schedule. So instead of my usual 4 weeks, I think I only had 2 weeks for this one... I finished it on the very morning of the grand opening, framed it within a few hours and hanged it in the art gallery just 20 minutes before everything started.

Stabilo 0.5 liners & permanent marker on 100x70cm paper.
July-August 2009